We Guide You Through A Peaceful Divorce or Separation Mediation Process, Saving You Thousands in Attorney Fees

We Can Even Help Create Peace After Your Divorce

Every Family Deserves Peace, But There Are Problems…

  • I keep trying, but the fighting continues
  • I wonder if separation will help
  • I am ready to give up on the marriage
  • I don’t want to spend money on expensive attorneys
  • I am afraid our kids are becoming damaged from our marriage

We Can Help You Create Peace And Hope

We Can Help You Create Peace And Hope

We Can Help You…

  • Consider options for divorce or separation
  • Explain the process for any option you select
  • Save you money and time through mediation and not using attorneys

    The most amazing experience. Supportive through every step. Genesis took care to minimize conflict and helped my wife and I get through a tough divorce and completely avoid attorneys. Made a potentially very difficult situation relatively painless. Thank you. You are the absolute best.”

    Paul Thomas

    You Can Experience Peace

    At the Genesis Divorce and Family Center, we have helped hundreds of couples and families create peace while saving them thousands of dollars in fees. Mediation allows you to make important decisions for you and your family, not judges or attorneys.

    Divorce can feel lonely. We will be with both you and your spouse through the entire process as a helping hand.

    “Genesis was great to work with. They made the mediation process as easy as possible given the difficult nature of the situation.”


    “Genesis Divorce and Family Center has my gratitude. The Genesis Center was generous with patience and flexibility throughout the divorce mediation process. 


    “I used Genesis for a complicated and stressful divorce they definitely helped resolve issues and keep things on track. Our mediator was calm, rational, informative and trust-worthy.”


    How We Can Serve You To Create Peace

    The Plan For Peace


    Step One

    Get information and decide next steps. Schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation and decide your next steps with your partner.

    Step Two

    Begin your journey towards peace. With your mediator as a guide, create your road map for the journey.

    Step Three

    Arrive at your destination of peace. Focus on healing and moving forward to your new future. 

    Begin Your Journey To Peace

    After submitting the form, one of our mediators will reach out to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation and get you on the path to peace.

    Or you can call (503) 749-6040

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