Thanksgiving is around the corner.  Did you know cultivating an attitude of gratitude can actually create more peace in your life and for those around you?  Here are 3 things to consider . . . 

The first way to create more peace is forgiveness. I can already hear some of you groaning.  “You don’t know my family or co-workers!”  You are right.  I don’t know your family or job situation.  What I do know is forgiving others regardless of the horrific experiences or events in your past creates peace for you today and tomorrow. When you hold on to the  bitterness, revenge, anger and pain from the past, it only poisons you.  You are robbed of peace and hope for today and tomorrow.  I didn’t say it would be easy.  Forgiveness is a decision and a process. It will take time.  Why not start today!  When you can forgive, you can move on to thanksgiving. You need to forgive a parent before you can ever be thankful. Why not reach out to a family member or co-worker and offer forgiveness and reconciliation before Thanksgiving. You will be the one to receive the gift of peace. If you are stuck, I would highly suggest you might consider talking with a counselor or other helping professional. We have a list of Preferred Professionals on our website.

The second way to create more peace is passing along thanks to others.. I have cultivated a tradition of writing “Thank You” notes to family members, friends, co-workers and others in my life at Thanksgiving.  These are not notes about what people have done for me. They are notes celebrating why I am thankful for THEM, who they are as a person.  The notes reflect and celebrate who the person is, not what they have done to benefit me.  There is such power in words to either build-up or destroy.  I want to steward my words to encourage others.  I will guarantee you these notes will be warmly received and create more peace in your life and for all who receive them.

The third way to create more peace is serving others.  Think of something you can DO to say “Thank You.”  The act of service rarely needs to cost any money, just your time. If the Love Language of the person is acts of service, he or she will receive an additional gift. I have found the best acts of service pleasantly surprise the other. Be creative.  Have fun. I had one woman complain to me about her work environment. She could not think of one positive thing to say about anyone. I offered her a 30 day challenge. Everyday she had to write a note, do an act of service, or give a gift to her co-workers.  She bristled at the thought, but took on the challenge. She started a little half-hearted.  By the second week, she was receiving positive feedback from her co-workers.  By the end of the month, others were writing her notes, doing acts of service and giving gifts back to her.  She single-handedly changed much of her work environment. She was amazed. Thanksgiving is a little like manure, you need to spread it around to make things grow! 

At Genesis, we are here to help you create peace in all your important relationships at home or work. Happy Thanksgiving!