We Were Hoping For a Healthy Co-Parenting Relationship.

The relationship is strained and the kids are suffering. We can help with that.


Co-Parenting should be all about the kids, but there are problems…

  • We can’t communicate wihtout a blowup
  • We have inconsistencies between households
  • We have constant fights over screen time
  • We have problems coordinating on homework and schedules
  • One of us remarried and there are new challenges

You Can Experience Peace With Your Co-Parent

At the Genesis Divorce and Family Center, we have coached co-parents to focus on the kids and resolve the fighting.


The Plan to Create Peace with Your Co-Parent

Step One - Get Some Info
  • Check out the our live Healthy Co-Parenting Webinar

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Step Two - Make a Plan
  • We can help you create a road map to meet your co-parenting goals
Step Three - Move Forward with Peace
  • We can coach you toward your goals and equip you with strategies
  • Move forward with peace in co-parenting


Begin Your Journey To Peace

After submitting the form, one of our mediators will reach out to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation and get you on the path to peace.

Or you can call (503) 749-6040

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