Lauren was a stay at home and enjoyed the job title, “Mom”. She dreamed about being a wife and mom doing all those mom things, even the laundry. Well, she didn’t really dream about laundry. She and her husband had some ups and downs like many couples. One day, while checking the pockets before putting the clothes in the washer, she found a business card with a very personal note written on the back to her husband. She googled her name and found out she worked at his firm. She was a new intern in law school and very beautiful. She confronted her husband. He denied the affair but wanted a divorce. Now, she is a single mom trying to figure out the next step in her life. She needed to dream about being a mom and . . . a new career.

A friend told her about Day Dreaming. She decided to give it a try. Just the time away for thinking and sleep would be helpful. She secured a cabin from a friend in a somewhat remote area. Lauren arrived before dusk, got settled in, and went out on the front porch to enjoy sunset and the smell of pine. She observed the few rules of Day Dreaming – no tracking time, no screens, and no negative thoughts. The one on negative thoughts was hard. She often felt anxious about the days ahead. She slept well and took a long and reflective walk in the morning. She came back to the cabin to begin journaling. With pen and paper in hand, she began answering some important questions:

  • Why am I here on planet earth? What is my purpose?
  • Who am I as a person? How am I wired?
  • If money and time were not a problem, what would I do?
  • Where is my sweet spot and how do I find a job or begin a business to match?

Lauren journaled all morning allowing herself to dream in a way she never could while married. No negative comments from her ex this time. After filling up several pages, it was time for lunch. A quick bite to eat and another long walk. She was filling refreshed and excited about some of the ideas she penned. She came back, just sat on the porch reflecting on her thoughts and drifted off to sleep. When Lauren woke up after her brief nap, she had some more detailed thoughts about the next steps.

She packed up her overnight bag and while driving home she allowed herself to daydream about the future. She was hopeful, excited, and even rested. She knew her next step and was ready to take it.