We Guide You Through A Fast And Peaceful Legal Separation or Divorce In A Day

We Help You Through A Fast And Peaceful Legal Separation or Divorce In A Day* So You Don’t Need To Spend Money On Attorneys And Wait Months

*You Must Meet Our Qualifying Conditions For A One Day Divorce

You Want A Peaceful and Fast Legal Separation or Divorce, But There Are Problems…

  • Attorneys are expensive
  • The process can take months
  • We don’t want to go to war with each other
  • The court forms are overwhelming

We Work Together, Saving You…

  • Time – we can complete the entire process, except court submission, in a day


  • Money – we save most couples from $10,000-$15,000


  • Peace – we keep things friendly, especially if you have kids and want a good co-parenting relationship

    The most amazing experience. Supportive through every step. Genesis took care to minimize conflict and helped my wife and I get through a tough divorce and completely avoid attorneys. Made a potentially very difficult situation relatively painless. Thank you. You are the absolute best.”

    Paul Thomas

    You Can Experience Peace

    At Genesis Divorce and Family Center, we have helped hundreds of couples through fast and peaceful divorces. Our mediators were trained by Dr. Randall Kinnison, AKA Doctor Peace. He has over 10,000 hours of experience and completed over 1,000 divorces. Our clients often comment on the care and concern they feel from our mediators during the divorce process. You are never alone.  

    “Genesis was great to work with. They made the process as easy as possible given the difficult nature of the situation.”


    “Genesis Divorce and Family Center has my gratitude. The Genesis Center was generous with patience and flexibility throughout the divorce process. 


    “I used Genesis for a complicated and stressful divorce they definitely helped resolve issues and keep things on track. Our mediator was calm, rational, informative and trust-worthy.”


    The Plan For Your One Day Legal Separation Or Divorce


    Step One

    Get information and learn if you qualify.

    Step Two

    Come to your mediation prepared to review documents and ready to discuss any issues. 

    Step Three

    Move forward with peace and healing.

    How The Process Works For A One Day Legal Separation Or Divorce

    You Need To Meet This Criteria

    You agree about custody and parenting time.

    You agree about how to handle the house, cars, debts, and most assets including retirement.

    You can gather all the documents necessary.

    Free Consultation

    Schedule a 15-minute consultation with a mediator to get your questions answers and ensure you qualify for a fast and peaceful divorce in a day. If you are ready, then schedule your appointment.

    Prepare For Your Appointment

    We will send you info and worksheets. Please complete them before coming to your appointment.

     Gather all your documents needed for verification of assets and liabilities.

    Come To Your Mediation

    Come to your appointment with your worksheets and documents.

     Complete all the decisions necessary for divorce with the mediator.

     We draft all the necessary documents including the court forms.

    Finish The Process And Experience Peace

    Come in and sign. We take it from here to file with the courts.

     Go forward with a life of peace. We will notify you when the divorce is final. We are here to support you post-divorce. We can even help with other areas of conflict in your family, work, or community.

    Begin Your Journey To Peace

    After submitting the form, one of our mediators will reach out to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation and get you on the path to peace.

    Or you can call (503) 749-6040

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