Is Mediation Helpful For Separations, Even Informal Or Trial Separations?

If you select an informal or trial separation with a desire to work on the marriage, mediation will help give your marriage the best possible chance. If you are separated or considering separation prior to divorce, mediation assists in clarifying the essentials, including visitation of the children and finances.

How Does Mediation Lessen The Impact On Children

When both parents agree to mediation, they are seeking a process of peace. Certainly, there are bumps in the road. That is why we help with the bumps. However, our focus is always the children and the impact of divorce upon them. We work hard to keep your future co-parenting relationship as strong as possible. Kids win when parents work through a peaceful process of divorce.

I Have Teenagers. Should They Be Included In The Process?

Yes. Our mediators typically will include one session with teenage children to gain insight and help the teen(s) feel heard by an unbiased party. 

Will I Get A Fair Settlement By Using Mediation?

Legal consultations are highly encouraged during mediation. Some parties chose to invite his/her attorney to mediation sessions. You will receive all the resources and consultations necessary to arrive at the best possible outcome for both parties. Divorce is never a win/win situation. However, each party needs to feel a fair and equitable agreement was reached during the process. 

Can I Still Use An Attorney In Mediation?

Absolutely. Our mediators prefer to work with attorneys trained in Collaborative Family Law. He/she will supply clients with a number of quality trained attorneys to contact. You can retain an attorney, go for an initial consultation, or return for counsel as needed.

How Much Will It Cost?

We cannot guarantee a final fee for all couples. Yet, to give you an idea, over 95% of our clients pay less than the retainer for one attorney for all services, including paralegal work prepare and  file your court documents.

How Do I Calculate Child Support?

Each state has a child support calculation formula and often an online support calculator. Search for child support for whichever state you reside in. As your mediators, we can calculate child support for you once we know all the variables to input into the online calculator.

What About Spousal Support?

Only a few states have created a spousal support calculator. For most states, support is fact dependent on many variables. We find creating budgets very helpful. For a more definitive answer, you will need to consult with an attorney.

Can I Get Sole Custody?

This is a question you will want to discuss with a mediator. After we talk through the issues of custody, most of our clients select joint custody. We can discuss your individual case during the FREE 15-minute phone consultation.

Should I Get An Attorney?

Many of our clients at least consult with an attorney, which we highly recommend. Most of our clients do not retain an attorney. You may be interested in a collaborative case with attorneys at the table together with a mediator. We can discuss this during your FREE 15-minute phone consultation.

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