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HOW TO pick an attorney

Can you work with an attorney while receiving mediation? What kind of attorney is best for the mediation process? How can I save money on an attorney? Dr. Randall Kinnison walks answers these questions and more for you in his most recent blog!  

January 27th, 2022
Dr. Randall Kinnison aka Doctor Peace

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How to Pick an Attorney

How to Pick an Attorney

How do you pick an attorneywho can aid the mediation process?The attorney selected for your case is critical to the outcome. If the other party retained a “bulldog,” aggressive attorney, the chances for mediation are slim. You will need to match the intensity of the...

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How To Stop The Fighting

How To Stop The Fighting

How do you stop the fighting and begin a journey Toward Peace? Are you tired of the yelling, the silent treatment, the avoidance, and the heated exchanges? Are you trying to figure out how to find peace again? You can fight with a partner, a co-worker, a family...

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There Are No Perfect Families, So Get Over It!

There Are No Perfect Families, So Get Over It!

To say the least, families can be interesting Some of you are old enough to remember Archie and Edith Bunker. Often, we laughed with them instead of at them. The characters on the show could come very close to describing some of our own family members. Families come...

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